Happiness is…

Last Friday was the international day of happiness. With the current world situation, it’s difficult to go about life as normal, let alone think to be deliberately happy when there’s so much we’re tempted to worry and stress about. However, I strongly believe that it’s such a beautiful thing that we can have momentary breaks in the clouds, where the sunlight shines through and reminds us that there is still a lot to be thankful for. We can then cultivate those rays into blossoms of happiness, and then spread them around for good cheer.



In thinking of happiness,  I had a flashback to my holiday in Zanzibar, and thought it would be nice to share 10 happy experiences I would highly recommend. I did promise this post a few weeks ago, and I don’t think there could be a more perfect time to share it.

Have you got a cup of something good?

Here’s some Zanzibar happiness:

  1. Delight Cafe

This place was by far the best place to visit on Paje beach. And it was extra special because David and I found it almost by accident as we wandered along the beach early one morning. It was closed as we walked past it the first time, but we asked kindly if we could get them to open early. When we came back an hour later we were welcomed warmly, and the kindest waiter agreed to take pictures of us. Even a second time when we realised he hadn’t actually been pressing the shutter long enough haha. This cafe had the most chilled music playing in the background, and we shazammed every other song to add to our OST. They also had the best pancakes, iced tea and coffees. And we were even able to sneak in another visit for our last date… ❤ It definitely lived up to its name!

blog.pancakes (2)


     2. Hitting The Spot

We had friends staying in Jambiani, and one of them shared an enticing photograph of an iced coffee perched on the corner of a gorgeous infinity pool…which we later found out was at a place called The Spot. A really nice and fancy chill pod in the mist unexpected location.  If Zanzibar is one thing, it is extremely humid! And so of course we had to take a trip there for the awesome burgers and cool (pun intended) drinks. It was a little bit pricey but a latte bit worth it! We also went back on Christmas day for some sundowners. A perfect way to end the day!


   3. Stepping out to Step In

There were many restaurants we tried, but Step In, also located in Jambiani,  was always a welcome treat. They had some amazing coconut curry (something I ordered every chance  I got), ice old drinks, and a wide array of homemade icecream, for unbelievably good prices. This was where we went for our Christmas lunch, and so it also holds a special place in our hearts. If you’re on a budget, it would be wise to have your meal here, and go around the corner to The Spot for a swim and an iced coffee.


    4. Food court fancies

There were many chances we got to order street food, which is one thing Tanzania as a whole does so well. At the end of one tour we did, we ended up in the food court in Stone Town. They had so many goodies on offer, that we had to make several rounds before making our final decision. They had everything from Nutella pizza, various flat breads , seafood and shawarmas. My favourite things were the coconut bread and mishkakis.


   5. Super duper Smoothies!

One thing we loved about the place we were staying, Paje Monsoon Villas, was that we had a blender! There was a fruit and veg stand down the road from us, so it was such a treat to be able to make our own smoothies at home. But we were also just around the corner from the aptly named, Smoothies. An outdoor restaurant, that had a surprisingly diverse selection of healthy smoothies and juices made from the many fruits available on the island.


   6. Boat spotting & Quirky Kites

I know it seems like the only fun things to do were to eat, drink and be merry. But there was a lot of happiness to be found in the simple things such as taking a stroll on the beach when the tide was high, the wind was strong, and the kite surfers came out to play and perform their theatrics. It made for some free entertainment, and it was also quite amusing to spot boats around the island with their interesting names.



    7. Cheap Thrills

Many people post online about The Rock restaurant. A quaint little fairytale-like restaurant on a rock, which gets surrounded by the waves at high tide, and requires you to get a boat ride from the beach, or take your sandals off to wade through the water. Such an experience! However, due to its high reputation and demand, it is as you can imagine, quite…quite pricey. Upon glancing at the menu, and frowning upon the price of pasta, we walked out as promptly as we had arrived. But we were very happy to discover a reggae restaurant with an enchanting tree-house and pleasant vibes, called Pandu Ngozi just a stone’s throw away from the Rock. That was where we had more coconut curry, and a nice snooze in the sun beds. We got there by hiring scooters for the day, which is a budget friendly way of getting around and seeing more of the island. The most perfect pole pole day!


    8. Feeling Wavey

Snorkeling on the blue safari! Need I say more? An absolute dream, which you can see more of right here;

    9. Shells, Surprise souvenirs & Stoneys

Stoney is one of my absolute favourite drinks, and Tanzania is the home of Tangawizi. One of the happiest experiences for me was having a cold one, on the rocks. Or sand. 🙂  It was really special to walk along the shore and collect seashells, and it was a wonderful surprise to find a lost bracelet tangled up in seaweed. I know the chances of everyone finding one is close to none, but you can find loads of them in the market on sale! There is undoubtedly, a trinket to tickle everyone’s fancy.


What I’ve discovered though, is that the happiest moments were not only due to the location or the awesome food, but with the people I spent them with. So even if you’re currently not able to plan a trip due to the global pandemic, take a moment to appreciate the people that are around you, and trust that sometime soon, you can plan to clink coffee glasses to the sound of crashing waves on the shore.


Love you like you’re the sweetest coconuts on the beach!

xo, Wong

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  1. Sarah Suwilanji Sichilongo says:


  2. David Blanken says:

    Love it!! Great writing, good for my English vocab. Such good memories to this holidate and to you as a person as well. Cheers on many more memories to go!! Love you!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback love! Yes, really great memories. And we have set the bar really high for our future memories! Love you too 🙂

    2. joseyphina says:

      Enjoyed the read.

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