I Am Dynamite

Unbridled capability in a minuscule capacity…

The epitome of its entirety, defines me.

See, from the outside, I appear to be

Nothing but thrift store packaging;

Devoid of notation, or any indication

Of what is contained in my inner location

Except the unexpected instruction

Stamped in blood red crucifixion

Handle with… Christ.

I am dynamite,

Cos of His “dyin (so I) mite”, have life.

Watch me explode in unthinkable creativity,

See me move in unlimited velocity ,

Feel my burning,raging intensity,

Yes I said it, you can’t stop me!

But no wait, I’m not boasting in my own ability,

I mean really, how could little me have such extremities?

My Creator filled me with His own, unmasked Divinity!

Don’t get it? John three sixteen.

Stop, rewind, repeat.

I am fireworks.

Behold the works of the Fire in me.

Come now world and see,

The vast array of colour displayed in a dark and dying scene

A beautiful picture of life in its complexity

Experienced only by the being that accepts to be

Set apart for the Master’s directory

It’s not about what the naked eye perceives,

Look past my petite earthen frame and see

The sacred treasure therein that is

Birthing now, my destiny.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. thedarkhorse12 says:

    Please teach some rappers a thing or two! lol you go girl!

    1. lindalovebug419 says:

      hehehe Zed ones especially huh lol

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