Remember the kettle, it’s always up to its neck in hot water yet it still sings. -Anon.

Grind mode

Navigating corporate life can be a challenge. Along my journey from balancing books to balancing boats, I have learnt to find humor and joy even when going through the grinder. If you’re needing inspiration for dealing with Monday bleus or just curious to see some of the lessons I’ve learnt in my jobs then this is the place to be.

La vida mocha

Life can be chaotic. And yet I can’t help but marvel about how good God is through it all. Whenever I’ve made a mocha I’ve thought, wow…what a crazy mix, how on earth is this going to make sense? And yet it always blends together so beautifully. So it draws a perfect paradox with this crazy beautiful mess we call life. Shall we?

The decaf lane

You can’t pour from an empty cup… And other common self care quotes. I’ve learnt to accept that not everyday has to be driven by caffeine coursing through your veins. I don’t actually do decaf, but I do believe in detox. Going on holiday, taking a road trip, or simply going offline to have some me time. Sometimes I share some of my travel and timeout experiences, so take a walk with me.

She brews

I’m something of a thrill seeker, and am prone to making spontaneous decisions. So sometimes, God gives me the directive to be still. There’s nothing like a good brew, but it takes time for hot water to filter through and permeate every grain. Brewed coffee evokes deep feelings and that is what these posts are to me. Going through major changes is like hot water. But there is beauty to be found in such moments too.

Espresso yourself

I think it’s safe to call myself a creative. From poetry, to party treats… I love to work with my hands and am still trying to discover my forte. I also love to meet other creatives who are perfecting their craft and making the world bright and beautiful in their own way. In the words of Labrinth in his catchy hit, Express yourself, (see what I did there?) …”Whatever you do, do it good.”

Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee. -Anon